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Re[2]: Air compressors

To: "Thomas Wannenburg" <>,
Subject: Re[2]: Air compressors
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 16:23:50 -0500
Jon writes
> The HP ratings that Sears uses are false advertising in my opinion. I 
>notice that their 5 HP model has a maximum current draw of 14.7 amp @ 120v 
>-the same as my 3.5 HP unit.  I short, the MAXIMUM input power on their 5 
>HP model is a bit over 2 HP.  How they rate the maximum output at 5 HP is a 
>true feat of wonder and a violation of the basic laws of nature!  I also 
>notice that they do this same trick on most of their power tools.

Sears quotes the max hp developed by their motors *at stall*. While this is 
a legitimate rating it hardly reflects the true capability of most tools. It 
works great with a table saw because as you bog the motor down in cutting 
heavy material the hp increases to stall but a compressor or sander or other 
tool that does not go to stall is considerably overrated by this method.

Just my $.02



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