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Re: Air compressors

To: "Thomas Wannenburg" <>
Subject: Re: Air compressors
From: Mike Gigante <>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 14:25:23 -1000
Check the CFM (Cubic feet per minute) rating of the compressor. You'll
need at least 11 CFM to use air tools, preferably a bit more (12 - 15).

Nothing will drive you crazy faster than 30 secs of orbital sanding followed
by 60 sec of waiting for fulkl pressure again...

I can't comment on the brands 'cause I haven't seen them, BUT, in general
the cast iron ones are more durable.

Don't forget that if you choose right, the compressor will last almost forever,
whereas if you choose poorly, you'll be spending more money on a replacement
compressor at some time not too far away.

Mike Gigante
3D interactive graphics, Virtual Reality, british sports cars, and wine      

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