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Re: Shop Talk, W2W Web

To: Mike Cobine <>, wheeltowheel@abingdon.Eng.Sun.COM,
Subject: Re: Shop Talk, W2W Web
From: "Roger Garnett" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 18:13:13 -500
Mike Cobine writes:
Bob said
> [ This issue comes up often enough to be a FAQ...
> And there is, of sorts.  If you have web access, go to the VetteNet home 

>... there isn't a
> Wheel to Wheel home page, or at least none that anyone announces.

Ah, but there is a Shop-talk web, for things related to shop building, tools, 
and fabrication stuff, etc:

It even has a link to the VetteNet tech stuff, altho someone seems to have
messed up file permissions there at the moment. 

> rather than borrowing/stealing/ modifying the material Richard has
> already compiled, with plenty of notes to suggest viewers look around the SCCA

Which is why I sent track scans to Richard to put in one nice clean spot.

> However, if a w2w page is ever made, there is no reason not to put in links
> to those sections, as they could be rather valuable to most racers.

I've got a placeholder for a w2w web, but haven't done anything with it, due
to basicly these reasons, and no one has asked. (And that Andy gets first
dibs) If anyone would like to have a w2w web, and has material to contribute,
I could put it together. But I hesitate to do this just as a pointer to the
w2w mailing list, and how to subscribe, and the SCCA web. The mailing list
info can already be found on the Vintage Race web; mailing list page.

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(It may be a little slow this week...)
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