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RE: Air compressors

Subject: RE: Air compressors
From: "R.M. Bownes III" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 12:32:27 -0400
This issue comes up often enough to be a FAQ...I've culled old
mail on the subject to come up with the following net.wisdom. As always,
it's worth what you pay for it. And I wish I could say I've followed
at least half of it, but I can't...

Net guide to buying & installing a compressor:

        Buy as large a compressor as you can afford, both
                in HP and in storage.

        If you must trade between hp and storage, go for hp.

        Buy something you can get parts for.

        Change the oil 1/yr.

        The large 60 gal, 5+ hp single stage is adequate for most home 

        Install the largest possible (within reason) diameter lines 
                in metal pipe. Iron is best, copper next. Do not 
                use PVC.

        Build a cooler of pipe if possible. If not, use an expansion chamber
                made out of a 3' section of 3"-4" diameter pipe with a drain.

        Slope all lines away from the compressor. Use T's which point upward
                to hook all coupler bodies to the line.

        Use a tool oiler at the head of the system.

        Use a water separator at the head of the system.

        Use a pressure regulator at the inlet to the system.

        Put a filter element at the head of the system.

        If you are going to paint, put a *different* connector type on a 
                dedicated line ahead of the oiler. Use this connector style
                on all lines that you will paint with.

        Use a ball valve at the head and tail of the line. Head is a shut off,
                tail is a drain. (also can be used to let rust & scale 
                out of the system.) Shut it off every night.

        If you are using an upright comressor, spend the $$ on the auto
                drain kit (or buy the parts to build one) to drain the
                water from compressor at least once per day.

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