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Re: Air compressors

To: Eric Murray <>
Subject: Re: Air compressors
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 19:28:11 -0400
High Eric, 
On 04/07/96 You asked;
>What sort of heat exchanger/water trap should I build?
>Would a simple coil of soft copper tubing with a tee and tap at
>the lowest point to let the collected water flow out of
>the way and get drained be sufficient? 

Yes, just do it often. Also a water trap under your regulator. 

> Is soft copper tubing acceptable for air line use?

My shop is plumbed for air with copper tubing. It works just fine. 
And has for the last 50 years (Dad did the plumbing when he built)

>I was thinking to build a sound box around the compressor in the
>garage so that it's not quite so annoying when it comes on.  Of
>course I'll have to leave the ends open to let air flow through
>and that'll let a lot of the noise out.

You might think of building a very small shed / leanto against 
the outside wall for the compressor, with a small hole(s) into
the building for the power and air lines.


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