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Re: Air compressors

To: "Thomas Wannenburg" <>
Subject: Re: Air compressors
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 10:39:15 -0400
At 09:24 AM 4/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>   I am seeking advice regarding the purchase of an air compressor.  I am 
>budgeting around $400 for compressor and a few basic air tools.  I have looked 
>at several 5HP models, including Campbell Hausefield (Walmart), Devilbiss 
>(Lowes), Black something or other (SAMS), and the Sears models in their
>The compressor I buy is strictly for my car hobby.  It will not see heavy 
>sustained use at all.  Some spray painting, impact wrench, cleaning, sanding, 
>etc - all at a very leisurely pace (unfortunately as my real job permits).  I 
>have noted that the models with aluminum compressors are less expensive
than the 
>cast iron equivalents.  Are these likely to satisfy my needs or should I fork 
>out for a cast iron compressor.  I like the Lowes Devilbiss model - anyone
>any experience with this model or the Walmart model?  Any advice regarding 
>compressors or air tools would be appreciated as I am very ignorant in this 
>Tom Wannenburg
>74 MG Midget

If the unit is going to be used a lot, you want a large storage tank. I restore
 furniture for a living, When I use a air tool that draws a lot of air
(sander), the unit I have
runs almost constantly while the tool is in use. This is a three phase unit
with a large
5 hp motor, single cylinder compressor, and a 60 gal storage tank. Simply put,
the more it runs the sooner it wears out. This unit I should add has been
sinse the early 60s. My dad put it in when he ran the business. Used mainly for
spraying finish and running staplers. Within the last couple of years I have 
started using it for more air powered tools. 
The compressor in my garage is a Sears Craftsman 5hp with a 20 gal tank single 
phase 220 volt. My guess from running wrenches with it is that it wouldn't do 
for painting. You would probably have to stop during the spraying to let the
unit "catch up". Just using this unit for Oil and tyre changes makes the thing 
run almost continuesly.
Devilbiss is a good unit with a reputation for quality. 
  Big Tank = Better  (IMHO)

Steve Dawson       &      RUDE CAR
Charlottesville VA          1964 Austin Mini Cooper

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