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Re: Air compressors

Subject: Re: Air compressors
From: aj253@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Tony Robinson)
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 96 19:40:56 MDT

>   I am seeking advice regarding the purchase of an air compressor.  I am 
>budgeting around $400 for compressor and a few basic air tools.  I have looked 
>at severall 5HP models, including Campbell Hausefield (Walmart), Devilbiss 
>(Lowes), Black something or other (SAMS), and the Sears models in their 
>The compressor I buy is strictly for my car hobby.  It will not see heavy 
>sustained use at all.  Some spray painting, impact wrench, cleaning, sanding, 
>etc - all at a very leisurely pace (unfortunately as my real job permits).  I 
>have noted that the models with alumium compressors are less expensive than 
>cast iron equivalents.  Are these likely to satisfy my needs or should I fork 
>out for a cast iron compressor.  I like the Lowes Devilbiss model - anyone 
>any experience with this model or the Walmart model?  Any advice regarding 
>compressors or air tools would be appreciated as I am very ignorant in this 
>Tom Wannenburg
>74 MG Midget

 I have the Blackmax, from Sam's. about $400. 6 Hp 220v.Running pressure 
150 lbs. recovery starts at 90 lbs.
 From ambient pressure to shut off takes nearly 3 minutes for 60 gal tank.
 I can sandblast at 120 lbs and never lose pressure. It stays right with me.
 I put it through some heavy paces and it does great.
 I also have some of the Blackmax tools. I particularly like the 3/8 and 
half inch ratchets.
 I also have just about everything that C-P (Chicago Pneumatic) makes, and
like their impact and nibbler best of their line.
 Also have Blackhawk straight line sander and jitter bug. Both of these 
are great for boby work.
 Have a Binks 1 quart and 4oz. touch-up sprayers. Am looking at Mitchell 
right now. Low pressure and less overspray. Lot more costly too.
 If you are going to use a compressor without caring about recovery time 
or working with less than 100 lbs, I'd say the Blackmax is too much.
 Sorry, can't help you with later model DeVilbis. My only experience with 
that brand was a very old large "screw" type compressor. It was 40 years 
old and worked like a champ. If that is common to DeVilbis, I'd say look 
into that brand.
Best Regards,
Tony R.

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