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Air compressors

Subject: Air compressors
From: "Thomas Wannenburg" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 09:24:56 -0400 (EDT)
   I am seeking advice regarding the purchase of an air compressor.  I am 
budgeting around $400 for compressor and a few basic air tools.  I have looked 
at severall 5HP models, including Campbell Hausefield (Walmart), Devilbiss 
(Lowes), Black something or other (SAMS), and the Sears models in their catalog.
The compressor I buy is strictly for my car hobby.  It will not see heavy 
sustained use at all.  Some spray painting, impact wrench, cleaning, sanding, 
etc - all at a very leisurely pace (unfortunately as my real job permits).  I 
have noted that the models with alumium compressors are less expensive than the 
cast iron equivalents.  Are these likely to satisfy my needs or should I fork 
out for a cast iron compressor.  I like the Lowes Devilbiss model - anyone have 
any experience with this model or the Walmart model?  Any advice regarding 
compressors or air tools would be appreciated as I am very ignorant in this 

Tom Wannenburg
74 MG Midget

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