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Re: Air compressors

Subject: Re: Air compressors
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 1996 11:08:22 -0400

FWIW, I am using the Devilbiss (or however it is spelled) that I purchased
from Lowes.  4hp-20 gal tank.

For *most* of the work I do, the compressor is adequate--impact wrench, air
wratchet, air hammer...things like that.  However, when doing jobs that
require extended use, such as sanding or cutting, I find that I spend a lot
of time waiting around for the pressure to build up.  

If I were to do it again, I would lay out some more $$$ and just go ahead
and buy one of those 60 gal vertical tank jobs that I've seen around...with
a larger motor.

As an aside, one of the most frequent mistakes I make when buying tools is
trying to "save money" by buying a lower capacity or rated unit.
Consequently, I end up two that I use and the cheap one that
sits in a box in the corner of the garage.  

Anyone want to buy some junk air tools?

Best regards,
Jim Beckmeyer
Union CIty, MI
90 Jaguar Sovereign
60 Jaguar MK II (under restoration...year 1 of 3)

At 09:24 AM 4/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>   I am seeking advice regarding the purchase of an air compressor.  I am 
>budgeting around $400 for compressor and a few basic air tools.  I have looked 
>at severall 5HP models, including Campbell Hausefield (Walmart), Devilbiss 
>(Lowes), Black something or other (SAMS), and the Sears models in their
>The compressor I buy is strictly for my car hobby.  It will not see heavy 
>sustained use at all.  Some spray painting, impact wrench, cleaning, sanding, 
>etc - all at a very leisurely pace (unfortunately as my real job permits).  I 
>have noted that the models with alumium compressors are less expensive than
>cast iron equivalents.  Are these likely to satisfy my needs or should I fork 
>out for a cast iron compressor.  I like the Lowes Devilbiss model - anyone
>any experience with this model or the Walmart model?  Any advice regarding 
>compressors or air tools would be appreciated as I am very ignorant in this 
>Tom Wannenburg
>74 MG Midget

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