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Re: reversing positive ground

To: Rocky Frisco <>
Subject: Re: reversing positive ground
From: Dave & Liz DuBois <>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 23:50:12 -0800

You were both right.  If you are in a physics class, current flows 
positive to negative.  If you are in a electronics class, it flows from 
negative to positive.  It really doesn't make one whit of difference as 
long as one knows which class they are in (what the reference is).  I 
spent 40 years working in electronics and spent all that time chasing 
electrons from negative to positive, but had no problem in a physics 
class where we chased current from positive to negative.  The secret is 
whether one is talking about current (conventional) flow or electron 
flow.  Both current and electron flow produce the same results.


I believe that I stated exactly the same thing in an earlier posting.  
The electrons being boiled off of the center electrode (acting as a 
cathode) comes right out of  vacuum tube theory (vacuum tube cathodes 
are treated or made of materials that produce an excess of electrons and 
as such are better at producing a flow of electrons - electron flow 
theroy - negative to positive).


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