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Re: reversing positive ground

To: Bullwinkle <>
Subject: Re: reversing positive ground
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 19:11:33 -0500

You were taught correctly about the movement of electrons.  No question 
about it.  It turns out that it was our old buddy Ben Franklin who 
guessed wrong. For many years "current flow", or as it is sometimes 
called "conventional current flow" has been  traced from the positive 
source to the negative one.

Bud Krueger
EE/MIT (a bunch more than 30 years ago)

Bullwinkle wrote:

>Disagreeing is an opinion, not a fact.
>That said, there is NO CONSENSUS IN SCIENCE as to the actual "direction"
>of current flow given a simple battery and a light bulb.  The argument
>started in Maxwell's lab, and has continued to this day.
>Really?  I was taught in my college physics electricity classes that
>electrons actually flow (sort of) from the negative terminal to the
>positive terminal which at that time was contrary to popular belief.  Of
>course, that was 30 plus years ago.  Current flow as taught to me was a
>bumping of the electrons into each other and the main energy flow was
>this pushing of the electrons in the direction of current flow.  The
>electons also moved "somewhat" in the direction of the current flow.  
>I'll also disagree on this, using the same exact reasoning as above.
>I don't care which contact wears out on the points first, as both are
>identical, and one is no more important than the other, nor is one
>any larger than the other.
>I was told that you can actually tell which way the current has been
>flowing in a set of distributer points by inspecting them.  The metal
>from one contact is melted off and deposted on the other.  Thus one
>contact will quite often develop a "tit" of deposted metal while the
>other will develop a pit.
>BS in Math and Physics

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