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Re: Planning ahead- running power to the garage

To: Shop Talk <>
Subject: Re: Planning ahead- running power to the garage
From: John Miller <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 11:39:33 -0800
>> My thoughts are (aside from the 60 amp 220 service and a sub panel in the
>> garage):
> I would suggest a minimum of 100 amps of 220. A TIG welder can eat up
> 50-60 amps all by itself.

We're in the middle of a sizeable remodel on our house, and in adding up 
the electric and gas requirements I'm looking at something close to a 400 
amp service (of course, that's not just the new shop...) and enough gas to 
feed 600K Btu of stuff.

I'm trying to figure out whether it's desirable to talk to PGandE about 
putting in 3-phase power as a hedge against my scoring a decent used 
Bridgeport sometime in the next year.

>> 1. A 3/4" or so conduit for pulling phone, network and coax (or anything
>> else low voltage)
> I'd go bigger on the conduit.

I think someone already said "At least 2 inches" and I'd second that.

>> Anything else?  Any of these problematic or just a bad idea?
>> Any good ideas for making the perfect garage / workshop?  It isn't too
>> terribly big, but is a nice size 1 car garage with room for a big
>> workbench, some storage (plus a loft) and a LBC.

Storage, storage, storage.  It's always been a battle getting organized. 
I'm finally going to have a little more room to play with.

I've got five Vidmar tool/parts cabinets from the Mare Island Naval 
Shipyard auction in storage now, until the house has a roof on it again.


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