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RE: Planning ahead- running power to the garage

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Subject: RE: Planning ahead- running power to the garage
From: Randall Young <>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 14:05:26 -0800
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> I totally agreed with Eric on this. The newer speed control phase
> converters (what is their real name?)

Variable frequency drives.

It will obviously vary by location, but when I looked into 3ph power for a
small business several years ago, it would've cost many $1000 for the
service (even though there was 3-phase power on the pole), and the minimum
monthly charge was something like $250.

The homebrew converters that someone mentioned are just a 3-ph 'idler' motor
and some big capacitors.  We're talking under $100 if you're a good
scrounger.  Not quite as good as a 3-ph supply, but with careful tuning
(capacitor selection), you can get 80-90% of the normal power output.  Since
most 3ph motors are very conservatively rated, this usually means you can
get 100% of the nameplate power without overheating.

I haven't looked for homebrew plans for a VFD, but I'll bet it's possible
for something like $100-200/hp using modern transistors.


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