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Re: Planning ahead- running power to the garage

Subject: Re: Planning ahead- running power to the garage
From: Chris Kantarjiev <>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:19:48 -0800 (PST)
> 1. A 3/4" or so conduit for pulling phone, network and coax (or anything
> else low voltage)

Make it bigger - I used 2". If nothing else, it makes the pull easier. Pull
everything you think you're going to want. I recommend one of the 
multi-conductor bundles that have a couple of phone lines and a couple
of coax runs all together.

> 2. Maybe a cold water branch and then put one of those on demand hot water
> heaters out there

Absolutely. I ended up using a small tank heater because I didn't
size the circuit quite right (not enough research) - the demand heaters
want 20A @ 220, if you can find them. Most sold are gas.

> 3. I could see how a gas line out there might come in handy, so how about
> one of those?  A heater would be nice.

See above. The gas demand heaters seem easier to find. I use a radiant
electric heater on thermostat - I didn't want to mess with gas in the
garage (and didn't want to worry about a flue).

> 4. What about running an air line back to the house?  Can't really think of
> why I'd need it at the moment, but what the heck?  Might come in handy if I
> decide to mount the compressor up in the loft and can no longer move it
> easily.

I've never considered it useful, but others do. While you have the trench 
open ... just make sure you put in a cutoff before it enters the trench,
in case it develops a leak!

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