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Re: Planning ahead- running power to the garage

Subject: Re: Planning ahead- running power to the garage
From: Mike Sloane <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 17:36:59 -0500 wrote:
> as previously stated... the ditch is the major portion of the job... make
> it a wide bucket wide (18") and space your conduits/piping out in the
> bottom... after you cover it... mark it's path so you can find it in 10
> years.  measure from trees, fences, buildings.
They have plastic tape (looks like that "crime scene" tape you see on 
TV) that you place about a foot above the conduits - it will alert any 
future machine operators that there is something down there. It doesn't 
always work (as some operators just keep digging until someone tells 
them to stop), but it is cheap and worth a try. There is probably a 
recommended distance for the tape, but I find 1' works for me. Make sure 
that your conduits are resting on either sand or very rock-free soil, 
especially the ones with any pressure in them. Because if there is one 
rock in the ground anywhere near the conduit, sure as heck, it will find 
a way to poke a hole in the plastic.


> Air - can't see a use for it... but it's just pipe... do it
Frankly, for the rare time you might need(?) it, it would be far less 
trouble just run a hose out from the shop. I think it would be far more 
trouble than it is worth.




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