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Re: Trailer Floor Coverings

Subject: Re: Trailer Floor Coverings
From: Derek <>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 12:02:51 -0800 (PST)
--- David Cole wrote:
> I need some ideas for trailer floor coverings.

Only one answer in my book - roll on some floor paint - normal interior
floor paint (no need for epoxy) - one thin-ish coat to soak into the
plywood, then a thicker coat. You can still see the wood grain but oil
and water can by wiped up.

Looking at other similar trailers I'd stay away from floor tiles - they
always seem to lift. Maybe if you painted first they'd stay down - but
if you've painted you don't need the tiles!

Since your car is a dragster I presume your tires are cold before you
roll the car back in. In my case (road race car) they sometimes pick up
a bit of wood surface bits from the floor plywood - if it bothers you
you can use loose floor mats or small bits of aluminum tread plate
where the tires go.

You talked about oak cabinets - even if they are almost free to you
they still weigh a ton. Use wire shelves and 1" straps or bungies.

You can see the interior of my trailer by clicking on the main picture
at - "";

Good luck - Derek

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