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Planning ahead- running power to the garage

Subject: Planning ahead- running power to the garage
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 14:51:06 -0600
as previously stated... the ditch is the major portion of the job... make
it a wide bucket wide (18") and space your conduits/piping out in the
bottom... after you cover it... mark it's path so you can find it in 10
years.  measure from trees, fences, buildings.

Conduit -   at least 2 - two inch or better conduits with at least 3 pull
cords in each one...
Power and data/control should not be run in same conduit.
I'd even hesitate putting phone and data in same tube.

Power  -  Put in all you can afford.... 50 amp minimum   100 amp better...
I have 50 amp and can't run my plasma cutter and my compressor at the same
time  ( make that shouldn't run at the same time)

Phone - absolutely
TV Cable - why not... it's just wire
Data - yes    you can buy cable that has phone, cable and cat-5 data all in
one sheath now cheaper than individual runs
Water - absolutely both inside garage and extra faucets on outside of
Gas -  at least run the copper for future use.
Air - can't see a use for it... but it's just pipe... do it


put some pull down stairs to the loft...   extra lighting in the loft also
when doing your wiring calculate how many baseplugs and lights you think
you need.... then double it and don't forget the outside lights/plugs..

my next shop will be perfect !

" I have never completely understood anything ! "

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