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Re: Planning ahead- running power to the garage

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Subject: Re: Planning ahead- running power to the garage
From: Susan and Mark Miller <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 10:09:43 -0800
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From: "Aric Datesman" <>
> I need to run new electrical service to the detached garage sometime in
> near future (this spring?).  ...
> Anyway, since I'll have to run the electric through a trench, I was
> wondering what else might be useful to put in there before its covered up.
> My thoughts are (aside from the 60 amp 220 service and a sub panel in the
> garage):
> 1. A 3/4" or so conduit for pulling phone, network and coax (or anything
> else low voltage)
> 2. Maybe a cold water branch and then put one of those on demand hot water
> heaters out there
> 3. I could see how a gas line out there might come in handy, so how about
> one of those?  A heater would be nice.
> 4. What about running an air line back to the house?  Can't really think
> why I'd need it at the moment, but what the heck?  Might come in handy if
> decide to mount the compressor up in the loft and can no longer move it
> easily.
> 5. Thought about running beer lines from the keg system, but I think its a
> bit too far.
> Anything else?  Any of these problematic or just a bad idea?

My thoughts:

The biggest job here will be the trench.  Given that, make it a big one and
fill it up with anything you may possibly need in the future.

I'd size the wiring for more than 60 amps.  The cost differential for 100 A
wiring isn't that great.  Who knows what cool toys you'll put in the garage
in the future.
You will have a hard time trying to pull anything through the 3/4" conduit
in the future if it makes any sharp turns, or too many 'soft' ones.  I would
recommend using a way bigger conduit, like 2" or even 3".  Heck, make that a
pair of them.  And put at least 3 pull ropes in them as you install them.
Gas and water sound like great additions.
I really like the idea of an air line back to the house.
For the beer you'd need recirculating lines, or many guzzling friends to
keep it from getting nasty over time.  Your call.


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