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Re: Bathroom repairs

To: Preston and Betti Ann Smith <>,
Subject: Re: Bathroom repairs
From: Susan and Mark Miller <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 10:15:20 -0800
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From: "Preston and Betti Ann Smith" <>
> I do not plan to remove the tiles.  Regretfully, the grout is harder than
> heck and has been there since 1977.  We bought the house in 1980 and have
> not re-grouted it.  The only reason I am re-doing it is because there are
> number of black gaps that need filling and i can not find a grout to match
> the colour.

Wait wait wait!!!!   If you're not trying to change the grout color then
spend some time getting the grout matched,  It can be done the same way you
can get paint matched.  It may take a try or two but think of the effort
you'll save in not stripping out what you have.  Check the phone book to
find someone who'll do it.  I did this a bunch of years ago (used a place no
longer in business, sadly) and was delighted with the results.

Mark Miller

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