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Re: TD Front Brakes

Subject: Re: TD Front Brakes
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 09:15:58 -0400
   Brake hoses and master cylinder have been suggested as culprits.
   You mentioned silicone fluid.  Others have suggested from time to time
that silicone fluid can have the effect of swelling one cup in the MC (
some MCs -- I've not experienced this problem with silicone fluid in mine
)  so that it doesn't clear a port to allow the fluid to return to the MC
reservoir. And if that happens and the brakes drag, the heat generated at
the wheel makes everything worse.  
  That the brake light stays on causes me to suspect the MC.   When
switches fail, they usually don't light the brake lights. 
   I would first confirm that the brake hoses are new, and replace them
if not new.  Should that not solve the problem, you would want to
investigate the silicone / MC question further.   If I come across
references to this, I will forward them to you.  

On Mon, 4 Sep 2006 19:07:48 -0400 <> writes:
> Hello list and happy Labor Day.
 The front  wheels both seized completely.
> Today, after spending the day with the family, I finally got to pull 
> off the driver's side front wheel. The wheel cylinders seem to engage 
> fine but return is not complete. All four front cylinders were honed
> a rebuild kit installed during resto. New shoes were installed all 
> around.
> The master cylinder was also rebuilt and silicone brake fluid was 
> used. All four drums were turned.
> Also, my brake lights are staying on all the time. Has anyone had 
> any luck getting the brake light switch unstuck?
> Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
> Bill Snyder
> Waynesville, NC
> '53 TD
> '66 B

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