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TD Front Brake Problems

To: "MG T List" <>
Subject: TD Front Brake Problems
From: "Bill Snyder" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 11:41:47 -0400
Thanks, list, for all of your input on my '53 TD front brake problem.
I believe that those of you suggesting a fluid return problem may have
the solution. I don't believe that my brake pedal returns as it should.
In testing the brakes in my garage, when I physically pull the brake
pedal back up, the brakes release completely and there is no rubbing or
drag whatsoever. There seems to be no resistance when the pedal is
pulled posteriorly. Is it possible that the spring in the Master
Cylinder is not strong enough? Has anyone tried installing an auxillary
return spring on the brake pedal?
As for the brake light switch, I have not yet had time to further
investigate it. I had multiple comments that a failing switch resulted
in the brake lights not coming on at all. I had one reply that a failed
switch resulted in the brake lights remaining on. Since the brake lights
have not been tested and functional prior to this event, I am not even
sure that it is not a wiring issue from the resto.
Bill Snyder
'53 TD
'66 B

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