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Subject: Re: TD Front Brakes
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You don't mention replacement of the brake hoses, if they are old they could 
be deteriorating internally and not allowing the pressure to release. The 
other thought is that the master cylinder is not fully returning.


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> Hello list and happy Labor Day.
> Yesterday I took my newly restored '53 TD on a short maiden voyage, a
> 5-mile country road loop beginning and ending at my home. The first 3
> miles or so were terrific..............smooth engine, quiet and
> responsive. Then I started feeling some drag and soon realized that the
> front brakes were not releasing properly. After a stop to confirm that
> they were heating up, I took "Maggie" home very slowly in first and
> second gear, but having to exert increasing throttle to keep her moving.
> I made it home just before a thunder boomer let loose. The front wheels
> both seized completely. I had to jack up the front of the car with a
> large floor jack and roll her into the garage to get out of the
> downpour. Wintin 30 minutes, they had cooled off and would turn freely
> again.
> Today, after spending the day with the family, I finally got to pull off
> the driver's side front wheel. The wheel cylinders seem to engage fine
> but return is not complete. All four front cylinders were honed and a
> rebuild kit installed during resto. New shoes were installed all around.
> The master cylinder was also rebuilt and silicone brake fluid was used.
> All four drums were turned.
> Does anyone have any suggestions short or replacing the cylinders? My
> budget is not prepared for four new cylinders right now since I just
> sent my eldest son off to college. Would doubling the return springs be
> of any benefit? The adjusters are at their lowest settings and there is
> still a very slight drag of the shoes on the drums at one point during
> their revolution.
> Also, my brake lights are staying on all the time. Has anyone had any
> luck getting the brake light switch unstuck?
> Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
> Bill Snyder
> Waynesville, NC
> '53 TD
> '66 B

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