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Re: TD Front Brakes

Subject: Re: TD Front Brakes
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 21:57:44 EDT
Bill, its possible that you just need to bleed your brakes again....Silicone 
has a habit of keeping air ingested for a while.  I have a similar problem on 
the right rear brake of my Arnolt.  Release the bleeder and problem goes away 
for a while...while drums are very hot, I use a water spray to cool them down. 
 After getting all the air out, the real solution is to take the master 
cylinder piston out and machine off .050 of the face of it to allow it to 
more clearing the bleed hole....
       I've got a machined MC here waiting to go in to the Arnolt if this 
problem reappears.......
Terry in Oakland

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