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Re: TD Front Brakes

Subject: Re: TD Front Brakes
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 20:35:50 EDT
In a message dated 9/4/2006 7:10:28 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Yesterday I took my newly restored '53 TD on a short maiden voyage,  a
5-mile country road loop beginning and ending at my home. The first  3
miles or so were terrific..............smooth engine, quiet  and
responsive. Then I started feeling some drag and soon realized that  the
front brakes were not releasing properly....The front wheels
both  seized completely.  Wintin 30 minutes, they had cooled off and would 
turn  freely again.

Today, after spending the day with the family, I finally  got to pull off
the driver's side front wheel. The wheel cylinders seem to  engage fine
but return is not complete. All four front cylinders were honed  and a
rebuild kit installed during resto. New shoes were installed all  around.
The master cylinder was also rebuilt and silicone brake fluid was  used.
All four drums were turned.

Does anyone have any suggestions  short or replacing the cylinders? ... Would 
doubling the return springs  be
of any benefit? The adjusters are at their lowest settings and there  is
still a very slight drag of the shoes on the drums at one point  during
their revolution.

I went through a very similar situation many years ago after completely  
renovating the Lockheed brakes in my Triumph Mayflower (almost identical  
albeit smaller drums!). In my case, I discovered that I had incorrectly  
installed the return springs. I don't have any references handy to describe  
they SHOULD be (nor do I remember off the top of my head), but this is  
something you might want to double-check. Beyond that, I would have an  
very gently and carefully press the brake pedal while you observe  appropriate 
motions of the brakes with the drums off. Make sure all four  cylinders expand 
and contract as they should, etc., etc.
Also, my brake lights are staying on all the time. Has anyone had  any
luck getting the brake light switch unstuck?
I have heard many, many accounts over the years of silicone fluid causing  
problems with these switches, so it's just possible that there's your problem  
and that replacement of the switch is necessary?

--Andy   Mace (a long-time TD fan despite my .sig file)

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