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Re: TD Front Brakes

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Subject: Re: TD Front Brakes
From: "John Quilter" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 20:21:16 -0700
My bet would be that something in the master cylinder is hanging up or
misadjusted and not allowing fluid to return properly after the brakes are
released.   The adjustment of the master cylinder push rod is critical here.
There must be some slack that permits the piston to fully retract and open
the port to the reservoir.  In my experience the usual failure mode of stop
lamp switches is that they do not turn the stop lamps on, not that they
stick and hold the lights on.

I rather doubt that the silicone fluid is to blame.  I have been using it in
my MGTD,  Morris Minor, Austin America. and Jaguar 3.8S for well over 20
years with great success.

John Quilter
Brisbane, California
1951 MGTD, etc.

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Subject: Re: TD Front Brakes

> Lew,
> There is no hose between the master cylinder and the brake light switch,
> so I wouldn't think it is the hoses.  I would suspect something in the
> master cylinder.  Bill says he used silicone fluid.  What kind of seals
> are in the MC?  I've heard that silicone brake fluid can cause the old
> style natural rubber seals to swell.  I don't know about TDs, but there
> have been several reports lately of  replacement TC MC pistons being
> slightly too long.  In either case, the relief port can't completely
> open to allow the brakes to fully release.
> Charles Hill
> Lew Palmer wrote:
> >Bill,
> >
> >I agree with Brian. Either the hoses are blocking the release of pressure
> >the master cylinder is not allowing fluid to flow back in. This would
> >account for both the stuck brakes and the brake light not going off.
> >
> >Try releasing pressure at the bleed nipples and see if that doesn't
> >the problem. If it does, almost certainly it is one of the two problems
> >mentioned.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Lew Palmer

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