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Re: Paint sprayers for latex paint

To: <>
Subject: Re: Paint sprayers for latex paint
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 21:49:11 -0500
Don Malling wrote:
> Could be latex interior paint has changed in the last ten years but I
> would never use latex on interior trim. I always used oil base for the
> trim.

Ditto here.  And though I otherwise refuse to use Benjamin Moore paint,
there's one exception -- their Impervo alkyd enamel is just incredible.
Sand the work well before painting and use a nice China bristle brush, and
your job will look like it's been dipped in plastic.  Durable too - we've
got stuff I painted many years ago that still looks fresh.

Last summer my wife sanded and painted our breakfast room windows with
Impervo.  She's not that meticulous, and the windows were bad, never having
been repainted since they were installed in 1968, and yet a couple of weeks
ago someone refused to believe the windows weren't new.


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