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Paint sprayers for latex paint

Subject: Paint sprayers for latex paint
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 16:56:02 -0500
It's time to look for a new tool..............

I'm replacing an interior door in the house, bought a 
prehung primed door from Home Depot, and I'd like it to match
the other doors in the hallway.  It looks like they were
all sprayed, not brushed.

I recall my encounter with one of those Wagner Power Painters
around 10 years ago.  I used it to paint the front door to 
my house in Chicago.  Good thing I removed the door and painted
it in the garage -- I wound up painting the door, the floor, the 
ceiling, the light fixtures, a window, well -- you get the idea...

Anybody have any recommendations for a lower cost paint sprayer 
that will spray heavier material like latex house paint?


-jeff d
Fort Worth, TX

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