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Re: Paint sprayers for latex paint

Subject: Re: Paint sprayers for latex paint
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 23:12:02 -0500
Wayne -- thanks for the comments!

> I think all the consumer-grade airless sprayers require thinning 
> the material.  

Not too much of a concern here -- guessing that it'd have to be thinned
a bit to allow that magnificent genuine imitation woodgrain imprint 
to shine through :-)

And that's a reason why I think I'd rather spray than brush, as well....

> Maybe check the tool rental places around you...  that would be a 
> chance to 
> try before you buy.  Wish I'd done that before pissing away $100 
> on a 
> Wagner 4 years ago  :(

That's a thought - and I'm with you -- I have a Wagner power painter 
for sale -- only used once.  Wonder how many other folks have done 
that as well...........

-jeff d

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