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Re: Paint sprayers for latex paint

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Subject: Re: Paint sprayers for latex paint
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 15:29:16 -0400
> I'm replacing an interior door in the house, bought a
> prehung primed door from Home Depot, and I'd like it to match
> the other doors in the hallway.  It looks like they were
> all sprayed, not brushed.

If you use a decent dense paint brush, not those cheapo $0.79 cent chip
brushes, you won't see the brush strokes on a 6-panel grained finish door
(like those typically sold at Home Depot).

Painting the door takes about 15 minutes per side using a brush.  If the
door is hung already, as you said yours is, you can do both sides at once...
without having to wait to flip it over on the saw horses.  Just follow the
grain in the same direction while painting and you will have no problems.

One of the tasks of my house renovation was replacing all of the interior
doors and painting them as well.  All were the usual items from Lowes / Home
Depot, and the only doors you can tell were brush painted were the pine 60"
French doors that I used for the entrance into dining room and another set
for the living room.

Oh, I would imagine that Home Depot carries this as well, but paint
specifically for doors and trim is a bit more self leveling than your run of
the mill latex wall and ceiling paint.  This kind of paint definitely
minimizes brush strokes... most of my trim looks it was spray painted it is
so smooth.

Good luck,


Kai M. Radicke
Wishbone Classics
Ph: 215.945.7250

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