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RE: Paint sprayers for latex paint

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Subject: RE: Paint sprayers for latex paint
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 22:01:39 -0700
> I recall my encounter with one of those Wagner Power Painters
> around 10 years ago.  I used it to paint the front door to
> my house in Chicago.  Good thing I removed the door and painted
> it in the garage -- I wound up painting the door, the floor, the
> ceiling, the light fixtures, a window, well -- you get the idea...
> Anybody have any recommendations for a lower cost paint sprayer
> that will spray heavier material like latex house paint?

The Wagner units have gotten marginally better ... I bought one of their top
consumer-grade models (the one that comes with a backpack and dip tube to
work directly out of a can).  After a fair amount of trial and error, I can
do a fairly credible job with it.  It will handle unthinned latex, but I
found that a small amount of thinning (1 cup water per gallon of paint) made
things easier.  If you're using the cup, you also have to keep the cup
mostly full when doing unthinned paint, otherwise it won't run down to the
pickup fast enough.  Once the sprayer sucks air, it will throw paint blobs
everywhere for several seconds while it works the air back out.

PITA to clean up, too, although again it's a lot better than the ones of 20
years ago.


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