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Ceiling support ???

Subject: Ceiling support ???
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 16:12:11 -0400
I've got a question for you experts:

I've got a 2 car attached garage, with a room over the garage.  The
garage is approx. 20' wide and 29' deep.  The back of the garage is
a pantry and entry way to the garage and is about 7' wide.  There 
is a beam in the garage about 10' from the front wall that is approx. 
9" tall and 7" wide.  This beam is composed of multiple pieces of wood 
that are nailed or bolted together.  As an afterthought the builders 
put a vertical pipe in the middle of this beam to support the beam and 
the room over the garage.

I currently have a very heavy "bar" pool table (my guess approx 1000#) in 
the room over the garage and a spitfire body (approx 200#) hanging from the

I'd like to get rid of the pipe in the middle of the garage as it is very
difficult to get a car in to work on, much less to get around a car if 
it's parked in the garage.

I was thinking about having the pipe removed and an additional beam placed
in front of the existing beam with jacks to support the beam on the outter

So my questions are:

1. I had planned on using a steel I beam.  But I've been hearing a lot about
   "microlams".  Which would be better?

2. Is this a doable?

3. Anyone have an approximate cost I should expect to pay for the job?



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