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Re: Bathroom repairs

To: Mike Sloane <>, Shop-Talk List
Subject: Re: Bathroom repairs
From: Preston and Betti Ann Smith <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 12:35:33 -0400
Thanks Mike!

I do not plan to remove the tiles.  Regretfully, the grout is harder than 
heck and has been there since 1977.  We bought the house in 1980 and have 
not re-grouted it.  The only reason I am re-doing it is because there are a 
number of black gaps that need filling and i can not find a grout to match 
the colour.


At 10:49 AM 11/1/02 -0500, Mike Sloane wrote:
>Unless your place is a lot different than mine, the problem isn't
>removing the grout - it is keeping it in place. :-) It should come away
>fairly easily. They sell tools at HD/Lowes/etc. for that job. If you are
>removing the tiles, the grout will just crumble off. Handle the tiles
>with gloves - the edges will cut

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