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Re: Bathroom repairs

Subject: Re: Bathroom repairs
From: Preston and Betti Ann Smith <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 12:29:10 -0400

Thank you for your help.

>You can get a grout tool if it isn't a large area, or use a Dremel tool 
>for power.

It is the whole tub surround about 5 ft high - a large area.  I have tried 
the grout tool and rapidly concluded that by the time i remove the ground 
from between the 4 x 6 tiles my torn rotor cuff will be in much worst shape 
than it is now.  So i am abound to head out to buy a grout removal bit fro 
my dremel tool - I assume such a beast exists.

Do I have to remove all of the old grout or can I go to a certain 
unspecified depth (which is?)

As you can tell, i have never done this before.

>Scraping is the only way I have found.  Long after the tub has turned to 
>rust, the silicone will look like new!  They make plastic tools but I 
>haven't had any luck with them.  I used a sharp chisel held flat against 
>the porcelain to remove most of it, them follow up with a razor blade type 
>paint scraper.

That is what I have been doing - glad I did not miss an obvious easier 
technique.  It must cost a fortune to have a professional come in and do 
the re-grouting and re-caulking job

Thanks again

Betti Ann & Preston Smith, Head of St Margaret's Bay, NS,
1962 MGA 1600 MK II, 1980 MGB Limited Edition
2002 Damon Challenger 335 Motor Home on 2001 Ford V-10 20,500 lb chassis

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