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Re: speed control

Subject: Re: speed control
From: (John Miller)
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 08:31:14 -0800
Roger Korn writes: 
> It gets worse. You also need a DC motor that will run about $400 for 1hp.
> The prices in Grainger's are, unfortunately, hard to beat. The modern speed
> controls work very well - speed is practically constant from zero to full
> load, and you can really go down to 40 or 50 rpm with an 1800 rpm motor. I
> build custom potter's wheels for doing BIG work (like a 7 foot high, 8 foot
> wide pot for a pine tree, weighing 900 lb) and use this combo all the time.
> It's great, but boy is it EXPENSIVE. 


I know this is off the main topic, but you got my curiosity up.
How do you fire a pot that big?  Did you build your own kiln?

John Miller

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