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Re: speed control

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Subject: Re: speed control
From: (Dave Williams)
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 11:06:00 -0500
-> What about departing from electric motors and going to a hydraulic or
-> pneumatic motor?

 Uuhh... I think the idea sucks, mostly because I didn't think of it

 Seriously, I'd considered pneumatic, but the few air motors I saw
listed in my surplus catalogs were far smaller than I needed and
consumed a lot of air.

 I hadn't considered hydraulic at all, though.  I am negotiating for a
used variable speed DC motor setup now; if it falls through, or isn't
powerful enough, hydraulic drive would certainly be an option.
Hydraulic motors are relatively inexpensive, and I already have a
hydraulic power pack on the to-do list; an automobile power steering
pump driven by a motor.  If I can match an inexpensive hydraulic motor
to the pump's displacement it should work fine.  I could control the
speed with a bypass valve.  Hmm...

 I'll keep that solution in mind, though.  I should've thought about it
myself - I was just down at my favorite steelyard the other day admiring
their new 48" band saw, which is hydraulic driven.
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