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Re: speed control

Subject: Re: speed control
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 16:03:06 -0500
Item Subject: speed control
     An ordinary light dimmer would work on a motor under more ordinary 
     circumstances, but in this case the load is way too high. Also, start-up 
     currents on electric motors are much higher than operating, and this 
     must be taken into account. Everything drives the price up....
     Do you need to vary the speed "live", or do you just want to change it 
     once in a while? If the latter, you could use stepped pulleys as is 
     done for a drill press.
     Jim Wallace

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Subject: speed control
Author:  Non-HP-dave.williams ( at HP-USA,shargw5
Date:    19/01/98 12:36 PM

 I've been thinking about building a honing rig for honing blocks.  My
Sunnen cylinder hone works just fine, but it kills a 3/4hp drill in 
short order.
 I drew up a nice rig using a 1hp industrial motor on an arm.  Looked
nice until I thought about varying the speed.  How can a vary the speed 
of a 1hp (760w) motor?  Would an ordinary light dimmer work?  One of my 
industrial catalogs had a dandy electronic speed control for only 
$300... ouch!

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