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Re: cleaning plastic lenses

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Subject: Re: cleaning plastic lenses
From: Carol <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 12:09:06 -0800
Aha!! The bi-monthly topic of how to shine up plastic.... I was waitin' on
this query (or one just like it) to proffer my newly-found information... 

All the info I had stored over the last 2 years was lost with my hard
drive, so I'm starting my beefy archives from scratch. Bummer.

I was in a picture framing shop the other day and this bottle of "stuff"
jumped out at me. I immediately thought of my list-family and started
writing down the pertinent information:

Novus Plastic Polish No. 2
Item #PC-20

Novus Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
1-800-548-6872 (for dealer nearest you)

Price was $13.50 for about 8 oz.

There was a Novus Plastic Polish No. 1,  too' (Clever naming, don't you
think??) but it sounded more like Rain-X from the uses listed on the label.

The Novus No.2 mentioned convertible windows, lenses, and any other type of
plastic. The product was sitting in the middle of a passle of acrylic
items, if that's any help. 

>From previous discussions here, I don't think there was a consensus on any
one product "doing the job well." Even toothpaste has been mentioned as a
polish. I'm sure you'll receive other input from other "family" members.
Let us know what works!


At 08:58 AM 1/19/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear all:
>I thought it might be appropriate to make this inquiry here.  My question
>is one of technique and materials and isn't marque specific so I sort of
>thought it fit into the 'shoptalk' format.  I'm restoring a 1971 TVR 2500.
>It used the rear lights off of the Cortina, MkII (and is therefore now made
>of unobtanium).  I'm trying to re-furbish the units; they're actually in
>pretty good shape but...  does anyone have any advice on cleaning up
>plastic lenses?  Mine are a bit scratched and dull; is there a very mild
>polish or very fine grit grinding agent that can be used on plastic?  Any
>comments or advice on this idea would be greatly appreciated.  
>Will Zehring
>p.s. also; any advice on not taking this restoration too seriously would be
>appreciated as well.  I'm starting to suspect that I've gone over the top,
>worrying about these tail lights.  ;-)

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