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Re: cleaning plastic lenses

To: William Zehring <>
Subject: Re: cleaning plastic lenses
From: Tim Mullen <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 14:45:01 -0500
William Zehring wrote:
> <...>  does anyone have any advice on cleaning up
> plastic lenses?  Mine are a bit scratched and dull; is there 
> a very mild polish or very fine grit grinding agent that can 
> be used on plastic?  

Mequires makes a plastic cleaner and a plastic polish (they 
also make a combined "cleaner / polish") that you can use for 
the job.  I originally used the stuff to clean /remove 
scratches from motorcycle face shields.  But since then, 
I've used them for everything from back windows on convertible 
tops to watch "crystals" and they work very well.  Use the 
cleaner (mildly abrasive) to remove scratches and dull spots, 
then use the polish to shine it up.


Tim Mullen

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