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Re: cleaning plastic lenses

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Subject: Re: cleaning plastic lenses
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 13:36:27 -0500
     I have also heard that Brasso works for cleaning rear windows in 
     convertibles, but you'd better confirm this; I don't want to be held 
     accountable. (It may really be Twinkle or Silvo...)
     Jim Wallace

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Subject: Re:  cleaning plastic lenses
Author:  Non-HP-cak ( at HP-USA,shargw5
Date:    19/01/98 11:21 AM

There's a three-stage plastic polish "system" sold y The Roadster
Factory and others; I'm fairly certain this is the same stuff that Griot's 
repackages under his name. It works pretty well.
You can get plastic buffing compound from Eastwood that works *really* 
well if you're careful (if you're not careful, you'll melt the plastic.)

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