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Re: cleaning plastic lenses

To: Douglas Shook <>
Subject: Re: cleaning plastic lenses
From: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 10:05:25 -0800
>It used the rear lights off of the Cortina, MkII (and is therefore now
>made of unobtanium).  I'm trying to re-furbish the units; they're actually in
>pretty good shape but...  does anyone have any advice on cleaning up
>plastic lenses?  Mine are a bit scratched and dull; is there a very mild
>polish or very fine grit grinding agent that can be used on plastic? 
>Any comments or advice on this idea would be greatly appreciated.  

I have used "Novus" brand plastic polish.  Works really well on my motorcycle
helmet visors.  I don't remember which one, but it had a red label (the 
grits have different color labels).  The Meguaire's ones don't seem as 
In moments of desperation, I have also used standard (metal polishing) tripoli
and rouge on plastic lenses; works really fast, so go slowly and use light 

Good luck,

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