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Re: [Shop-talk] The biggest challenge yet (shop related)

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] The biggest challenge yet (shop related)
From: Skip Albright <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 19:07:17 -0500
Put a large video camera on a pole overlooking the wood.

doesn't have to work. just look like it does


At 06:25 PM 11/21/2010, you wrote:
>OK, here is the deal.  Since returning from Afghanistan, I've been out of
>work.  So, I started farming my property for wood.
>I've got a great work chain from standing dead tree all the way to stacked
>on pallets to move the inventory or even delivery.
>But here is my challenge...
>Many people here sell firewood on the road side for about $10-$20 a stack.
>  All of them are on the "honor system" for payment.
>Since I live directly across from a state park, I have an ideal set up for
>selling a campfire's worth of wood at a time.  BUT, many of the campers
>don't pay for the wood.
>So, I want to build a metal cage (multiple cages actually) for the wood.
>Once a person pays for the wood, the door is unlocked.
>There is no electricity by the end of the road, so many options are out.
>Also, if I was selling it for less than a dollar, it would be easy to make
>a mechanism to open with coins.
>But I need a system where people can put in dollar bills (or $10s or $20s)
>and it "reads" the bill to open the gate.
>Does ANYONE have ANY ideas?  My house is set far back from the road so
>wood piles do get stolen.  I was even thinking about a portable credit
>card machine maybe, but I have no idea what is involved with getting a
>unit that is weather proof and battery based.
>Any help will be appreciated, and a prize will be awarded to the person
>that comes up with the best solution that solves the problem.  Thanks a
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>being are trenched on, die on the first inch of your territory." Ralph
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