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Re: [Shop-talk] erratic fuel gauge and a legitimate shop talk

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] erratic fuel gauge and a legitimate shop talk
From: Wayne <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 22:27:10 -0500
Randall wrote:
>> What would you do if you found yourself 
>> immobilized while under a car in your shop?
> Truly immobilized, I would have to wait for someone to come looking for me.
> But with just a dislocated knee, I'd probably manage to crawl somewhere to

Wow.... wasn't in my shop/garage, but in the driveway, so it pretty much 
counts.  Back in Jan 1999 I was shoveling out snow & ice from my Ohio 
driveway.  I was the only person at home, but it was suburbia and houses 
were only a few feet apart.

One foot was planted on wet concrete, the other went out from under me 
on wet ice on the inclined driveway.  I fought to stay upright and used 
the snow shovel to keep my balance.  BIG MISTAKE.  The shovel (I 
theorize) -- out at arm's length as I tried not to fall,  generated 
enough torque to dislocate my ankle.  My left ankle was sticking out out 
at 9:00 after hitting the ground.  Yeah, 90 degrees out to the side.

I quickly realized I was mostly alone despite the proximity of 
neighboring houses.  So, I put my hands down in the slush and slid / 
dragged my ass up the driveway on my butt into the house to call 911.

My mantra for walking on snow & ice after that was "just fall".  I think 
I would have only been bruised if I hadn't fought it.  Since then I've 
moved out of the nasty weather zone I so despise.

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