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Re: Multi-table?

Subject: Re: Multi-table?
From: Erik Quackenbush <>
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 11:31:12 -0500

You are describing a milling machine. Milling machines are typically used 
to machine metal but they do work on wood and plastic. Harbor Freight sells 
affordable milling machines.


At 12:07 PM 10/2/2000 -0400, wrote:

>This is more of a woodworking shop question.
>Does anyone know what you call the machine that has a table that moves in 2
>planes (horizontal and vertical) with a fixed router next to it?  The rails
>typically have stops on them so you can control the router much better.
>I believe that they are called a "multi-router table" or something.  (and
>search on the web shows nothing)  Another friend said they were a
>"Horizontal Boring Machine" but the only ones I can find are meant for
>serious (read <milling shops>) shops and for metal (not to mention the
>$10,000 plus price range.)
>I used one of these that my ex-fiances father had in his shop.  (due to
>breakup, I can't ask him what it's called) 8>(
>Also, where can I buy one?
>Thanks in advance.
>Eric Petrevich - CLP
>Relavis Corporation | 212-817-4034

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