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Re: Good workbench?

Subject: Re: Good workbench?
From: (Dave Williams)
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 18:47:00 -0500

-> Whoa! There is a big difference between slicing onions and washing
-> dishes, and grinding the valves on a engine head.

 Funny you should pick that particular example; my head-grinding bench
is 24" deep, 48" wide... and 40" tall.  It's the tallest bench in the

 With the head up on the work box it's high enough to be awkward to
lift the grinder up over the pilots, *but* it's high enough to clearly
see what I'm working with. Even with corrective lenses I'm more
comfortable doing precision work up close.

 My buddy Kenney, the one who builds engines on tables, uses a roller
cart for doing heads.  It's barely belt-buckle height.  It's very
convenient for grinding, but he has to bend over to inspect the seat
widths.  Six of one, half a dozen of the other - but I spend more time
inspecting than I do grinding.

-> some parts. Another problem for us older guys is that bifocals have
-> you looking down at things that are about where your hands want to
-> be, so you

 My optometrist says I'll probably be in bifocals in five or six years.
Planning ahead, I intend to get a couple of pair of pair of single-focus
glasses; one set for using the computer and one set to leave in the
shop.  When I'm at either place I'll just swap glasses.  Having watched
the antics of people wearing bifocals (my wife does, among others) it
looks like the most reasonable solution to loss of focal ability.

-> on. I guess my point is that you have to adjust the height of you
-> bench depending on what kind of work you will be doing, not some
-> general "rule of thumb". You might want to seriously think about two
-> benches with different heights for different work, i.e. a high one
-> for rebuilding carbs and cutting gaskets and a low one for working on
-> transmissions and engines.

 Good point.  My welding bench, for example, is the *lowest* bench in
the shop.  My lathe, milling machines, and other equipment are blocked
up to convenient heights.  Whatever is most comfortable probably *is*
the best height.
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