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Re: Good workbench?

Subject: Re: Good workbench?
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 18:11:39 -0400
At 02:36 PM 7/28/99 -0400, Chris Heerschap wrote:
>I'm looking to get a workbench for the shop.  I want to get drawers
>and a
>top strong enough for mounting a heavy 5" vise.  What I've been
>at right now is the Craftsman:
> ($169 base, $99 steel top)
> ($229)
> ($329)
>They all seem to have about what I'm looking for... there are a couple
>others, but this is the general jist of what I'm looking for.
>Anyone have any better suggestions?  I was just going to buy it, but
>it didn't seem wise to do without consulting the collective wisdom of
>this list.


   Must be nice to have that much money to throw away.  I made mine from
2x4s and 1/2" plywood.  I built a 2x4 rectang. frame and put cross stringer
in it to support the load.  Then put 2x4 legs on it.  You should be able
to do the hole thing for about $30.   I mounted my 5" vice on the front
left corner and put an additional 2x4 support under the table top.  So
far no problems. 

  I also have made several hanging shelves that hang from my finished 
ceiling in the garage.  Also several free standing shelves for the shed
the same way.  I usually take the 1/2" plywood sheet and cut it in half
so I have 2 pieces 2' x 8'.  Then build the frame to support it.  While
this is NOT optimun depth for a shelf or workbench, it does give me 2
layers of shelfing.


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