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Re: Good workbench?

To: Chris Heerschap <>,
Subject: Re: Good workbench?
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 14:19:39 -0500


Before I'd lay down that Sears Card, I'd check with places like Graingers,
C&H Distributors ( or Global Industrial equipment 1-800-645-1232
for their industrial benches.   MUCH more substantial with a variety of
risers drawer configurations, tops (even pretty maple butcher block)  I've
got 3 of these at my house and they are  heavy duty commercial jobs...  You
can also check with the used equipment dealers and pick them up very
reasonably... I paid $50.00 each for mine used   with one shelf across
bottom and 1 drawer  side and backsplash..



Chris Heerschap <> on 07/28/99 01:36:12 PM

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Subject:  Good workbench?

I'm looking to get a workbench for the shop.  I want to get drawers
and a
top strong enough for mounting a heavy 5" vise.  What I've been
at right now is the Craftsman: ($169 base, $99 steel top) ($229) ($329)

They all seem to have about what I'm looking for... there are a couple
others, but this is the general jist of what I'm looking for.

Anyone have any better suggestions?  I was just going to buy it, but
it didn't seem wise to do without consulting the collective wisdom of
this list.


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