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Good Workbench

To: <>
Subject: Good Workbench
From: "Ronald G. Trimmer" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 22:44:52 -0500
I made mine from 2x4s, 1/4" plywood, 2x10s for top, and some 1x pieces.  Two
ends have holes drilled for pegboard holders.  I used cat litter boxes for
drawers(get ones with straight edges).   I have at least 16 such drawers.
They work well and are only about 1/2 the price of any drawers I have seen.
I have a large vice mounted at one corner of the top.  I have large rubber
lockable casters.  It is strong enough to use as a scaffel.  I have a V8 and
transmission sitting on it now.  I can roll it from the detached garage to
the house when I need it there.

Ron Trimmer

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