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Re: Auto Transport Trailers

Subject: Re: Auto Transport Trailers
From: Tim Mullen <>
Date: 13 Apr 1999 06:43:11 -0700
>>> 4/12/1999 11:00:00 PM >>>

Regarding the single axle utility trailer, I guess I just want to do it
safe and legal.  I was under the impression that two axles with brakes on
both was necessary to meet these requirements.  

For what it's worth, when I bought and then registered my single axle trailer 
about 8 years ago, it was explained to me that 3000 lbs gross vehicle weight is 
the magic cutoff.  If the trailer is rated at 3000 GVW or more, the DOT 
requires brakes; 2999 GVW or less, no brakes are required.  I've used my 2900 
GVW rated trailer to pull my Elan around the country when I've moved.  1000 
pounds of trailer, and 1600 pounds of car fit nicely within the 2900 GVW  (and 
the axle is rated for 3500 pounds anyway...)

But I'd still like brakes.  Anybody use the "new" electronic brake controls?  
No actual connections to the brake system is required.  They must use 
accelerometers or something.  I wonder how they work...

Tim Mullen

72 Elan Sprint
91 Jackson single axle flat bed utility trailer

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