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Auto Transport Trailers

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Subject: Auto Transport Trailers
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 20:02:52 -0400
I am considering acquiring an auto transport trailer.  Does anyone have any
opinions on the things to look for?  I have read that it must have two
axles with brakes on both for legal auto transport.  Any opinions on surge
vs electric type brakes?  I have rented trailers with the surge type, and
they seemed OK.  I am inclined to want a full deck, as opposed to just two
tracks where the tires go.  I want to be able to move things besides cars,
like a tractor, or other equipment.  Seems like the open center would be
limiting.  I've seen aluminum trailers, steel trailers,  and even some with
wood decks.  This is pretty much in order of decreasing price.  Aluminum
doesn't rust and is lighter, but costs more and is harder to repair.  I've
also seen some pretty slick looking tilt bed types, which don't need ramps
and provide a very low angle for loading, which is a plus for low sports
cars.  Of course, this is a trailer, and I don't want it to  cost more than
what's on it!  I would certainly consider buying one used, but I have seen
very few for sale.  Anyone have any wisdom on this subject?  Thanks.  BTW,
I'm in New York, just in case someone was about to tell me a great source
in Australia...

-Steven Trovato

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