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Re: Auto Transport Trailers

To: Art Pfenninger <>
Subject: Re: Auto Transport Trailers
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 22:04:34 -0400
OK.  The reason I would consider owning a trailer is for the convenience of
being able to use it whenever I need it, for as long as I want, without
making reservations or other rental hassles.  Where I live (suburb of New
York City) some chain rental places like Ryder would only rent an auto
transporter to me if I rent a truck to tow it with.  This is obviously not
practical.  U-Haul had no such restrictions last time I used them.  Had to
plan in advance to rent from them, though.  Saturday morning, not raining,
stop by and there are none available.  Might have one coming back later.
Maybe.  This is a pain.  I suppose they are easier to come by on rainy

Regarding the single axle utility trailer, I guess I just want to do it
safe and legal.  I was under the impression that two axles with brakes on
both was necessary to meet these requirements.  
At 01:06 PM 4/12/99 -0400, Art Pfenninger wrote:
>       In the past I have rented large utility trailers, single axle, no
>brakes, to haul both MG's and TR3's. You can get as fancy as you want but
>as long as the trailer will hold the weight why spend the money?

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